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Symptoms of jinn possession

The individuals who have composed on this theme have recorded a few indications of jinn ownership. These manifestations might be genuine, yet we should call attention to that some of these indications may likewise happen for different reasons, for example, staying up throughout the night, or disarray and instability. So we should attempt to shield ourselves from the whispers that the Shaytan tries to impart in our souls, when understanding this rundown of side effects. These side effects have been isolated into two classifications: those which happen when one is wakeful, and those which happen when one is sleeping.

Symptoms of jinn possession

Symptoms of jinn possession

A – Symptoms when one is conscious

1. Dismissing, specifically, from demonstrations of love and compliance, the recognition of Allah (Dhikr) and perusing the Qur’an. Allah says: (And whosoever dismisses indiscriminately from the recognition of the Most Gracious (Allah) (i.e. this Qur’an and love of Allah), We designate for him Shaytan (Satan – villain) to be a Qarin (a sidekick) to him. Furthermore, verily, they (Satans/villains) prevent them from the way (of Allah), yet they surmise that they are guided aright!)(Al-Zukhruf 43:36-37)

2.Erratic conduct in one’s words, deeds and developments. Allah says Those who eat Riba won’t remain (on the Day of Resurrection) with the exception of like the remaining of a man beaten by Shaytan (Satan) driving him to madness. (Al-Baqarah 2:275)

3.Seizures (with no therapeutic cause); there are signs to demonstrate that a seizure has malevolent causes.

4. Loss of motion of an appendage (with no therapeutic cause).

5. Rushing to get irate or sob with no evident cause.

6. Sitting in the can for quite a while, and conversing with oneself.

7. Consistent cerebral pain (on one or both sides of the head) with no medicinal cause, which is not facilitated by painkillers.

8. Unpredictable monthly cycle in ladies.

9. Not creating youngsters altoough both a couple are restoratively stable and ready to repeat.

There are different signs when one is conscious, however they might be created by other life circumstances, for example, not succeeding in endeavors to get hitched, more than once neglecting to do as such, or a spouse turning out to be extremely upset when her better half has sex with her.

B – Symptoms when one is sleeping

1. Unnerving bad dreams, which incorporates seeing different sorts of animals, for example, phantoms or spirits, seeing oneself tumbling from a high place, seeing individuals in unusual structures, and snakes. A man may see a lady who needs him to have sex with her (and the other way around) continually in his fantasies, or he may see somebody undermining him.

2. A sleeping disorder, uneasiness and apprehension after waking.

3. Talking noisily in one’s rest, or groaning and moaning.

Note: A man ought not be viewed as being controlled by the jinn if any of these side effects happen. Nobody can be sure that a man has been controlled by the jinn until after the Qur’an has been recounted over him, so these side effects can’t be taken as conclusive proof of jinn ownership.

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