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Witchcraft and jinn cause numerous wellbeing issues. These infirmities supernatural inception don’t work as indicated by the principles known common medication. It might be torment of obscure inception, known sicknesses yet the trigger is anomalous, unexplained ailments that could just watch, notwithstanding naming and grouping. Therapeutic treatment to malady spiritualists are insufficient yet may, in any case, lighten the side effects.

1.Ulcers, digestive issues

Witchcraft eaten comprises of drops you put in the nourishment and beverage, then reconstitutes itself in the midsection like paste and adheres to the dividers of the stomach or digestion tracts. This can be anyplace from the throat to the butt. The body detects a remote body and tries to kill, where indigestion or consuming the ulcer, perhaps joined by bloating, obstruction or loose bowels.

Clinically, the ulcers are for the most part because of the over the top utilization of liquor or bean stew, and resolve when you keep away from these items, similar to an injury that closes when you quit scratching.


Pimples, skin inflammation or scarring show up in the body, frequently in the legs, once in a while with tingling, discharge, dying, and change or move. No successful treatment or clarification at all. It is a sickness due exclusively to physical contact with witchcraft, frequently we strolled over. Here and there the head that causes male pattern baldness. Now and again in the mouth that causes bruises in the mouth.

3.Open Wounds

This is a marvel that resists all medicinal information: bruises that show up suddenly, once in a while after a little stun or nibble mammoth, develop and spread, up deep down, and that keep going for a considerable length of time impervious to all treatments. Sickness due exclusively to witchcraft and jinn.


At the smallest scratch, the individual builds up a gigantic scar that offer more. Throughout the years, his body turns out to be appallingly scarred. It says it is an illness ordinary of African uncommon, different shapes, all that we see is that the recuperating cells are continually imitating.

5.Tuberculosis, coconut, sickle cell sickliness, belt, typhoid

Numerous sicknesses obscure in the West, and numerous patients we had who were experiencing witchcraft and discovered mending. For sickle cell illness, we were all patients whose side effects have vanished, however we have not rehashed the blood tests to check the change.


Therapeutically, this can be clarified by diabetes, antidepressants intense medications against genuine infections, for example, disease, or generally by mental elements, yet it takes a lot of disillusionment, dissatisfaction, resentment, repugnance or injury to that a man can no more engage in sexual relations with his better half or a lady. Specific, if man loses his erection when he drew closer the lady, or he can have intercourse with a lady and not the other, it turns out to be clear that the issue is not restorative.


We had numerous ladies who got to be pregnant after our treatment is in reality a range where we have an extraordinary achievement rate. They are all experienced drug: everything is typical for a few, for others there were fibroids, blocked tubes or ovaries tired, and still others have IVF. I have not seen a restorative clarification for the sterility of a lady whose cycle is working typically. Note that witchcraft is frequently joined by difficult ovaries and lower back, now and again outside the standards. We likewise instances of male barrenness, yet it is rarer since the rationale of witchcraft is the lady that tries to accomplish all the more frequently making it sterile. In any case, men don’t have sperm, or little, or insufficient versatile, therapeutic report is not joined by any clarification or arrangement. Of time is however a fetus does not survive.

8.Stop kidney disease, hemophilia

Sadly it is verging on conceivable to bring about any wellbeing issues with witchcraft. In spite of the fact that the ailment is known, yet its onset is unordinary, and these are infections that have no treatment at any rate, if not to stop its spread, constraining its belongings or supplant the flawed organ . While expelling witchcraft, it is conceivable that the malady vanishes independent from anyone else (renal disappointment) and in some cases it follow through to its logical end since it is a natural procedure that is dispatched (disease).

9.Mental Disorders, frenzy

How a fit as a fiddle individual would she be able to distraught? Unless an appalling passionate stun, it is unimaginable. The same conduct issue: dread, sadness, outrage and animosity, loss of focus and memory, are not justifiable unless traumatic excruciating encounters. At a meeting with a therapist, it created the impression that his patients’ side effects are precisely the same as our own: we treat individuals the same, aside from that level, there was no clarification for the starting point, capacity and development of the malady are not anticipated that would cure, but rather simply the adjustment of the case. By the beauty of God we have numerous individuals totally cured, yet treatment of instances of aggregate frenzy are frequently long: it must continue on until awareness returns.

10.Children with incapacities

High fever in pregnant ladies can “blaze” the cerebrum of the embryo and the kid’s impediment; trisomy 21 delivers physically and rationally crippled kids. Aside from this, births inabilities or impediment showing up soon after birth or in the main years of life are hard to clarify by prescription (aside from defilement by lethal chemicals). Some of the time you ruin the youngster by witchcraft pregnant ladies; happens in the outline of the djinn sperm is blended with that of man, it happens that kids are yielded to the jinn and lose their quality and mental limit. Our treatment in these circumstances create a few enhancements – which are constantly important for a handicapped youngster – yet don’t expect a full recuperation if the kid was solid before and had the illness. For handicapped from birth, malice is irreversible however the mother looks after the following youngster to be solid.

11.Pain, greatness and loss of motion

Witchcraft and jinn can bring about industrious agony in any part of the body, which can avoid anybody contemplating or working without evident physiological cause. Now and then they are red in an appendage and shortcoming and some of the time loss of motion of an appendage, or half of the body or face.

Migraines can be brought about by an absence of beverage: ensure the individual beverages enough. Kidney torment originate from a strenuous physical movement, and if so, inform the individual with respect to abs and acrobatic as it reinforces the kidneys and back and enhances stamina.


Some of the obvious symptoms associated with witchcraft are:

  • Experience Strange feelings such as:
    • Someone watching is you
    • Someone following is you
    • Someone is standing behind you
    • Someone is touching you
    • Hearing noises
    • You are scared to look into the mirror
    • Your home looks dark
    • Your home looks scary
  • Having nightmares and seeing or having pursuit of
    • Snakes
    • Dogs
    • Beef
    • Uniformed person
    • Masked person
    • Water such as ponds, river or seas
    • High Places: See yourself climb, fall or fly
    • Cemetery, the dead or graves
    • Cars or vehicles
    • Fire
    • Fish
    • Fantasy nights (dreaming of being in bed with a person you do not know).
  • Feeling of blockages in life against
    • Work
    • Money
    • Marriage
    • Education
    • Support
    • Broken promises
    • Bad luck.
  • Experiencing abnormal health problems and mental state, such as
    • Unexplained pain
    • Permanent odd diseases recoginsed by medical but finding no solution.
    • Open wounds
    • Scratches appearing
    • Infertility and Impotence.
    • Feeling unnecessary anger
    • Irritability
    • Sadness without reason
    • Depression
    • Forgetfulness
    • Lack of confidence and lack of concentration
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